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Esbjerg, Danmark

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Real Safety are experts in non-metallic construction materials and anti-slip safety solutions.

Our Mission is to create “Best practice” standards within our field of expertise: Non-Metallic construction materials and anti-slip safety solutions. We aim to reduce the risks through unique customised solutions, using materials that minimise maintenance, enhance safety and promote sustainability.

Real Safety has developed both expertise and products to meet theoretical and practical safety liabilities, with the distinct purpose of minimizing falling accidents. This expertise is also beneficial to industry and public areas, as they over the last couple of years have experienced a steadily increasing interest from food industries and the metal industry, where the challenges of non-skidding are high too.

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Lise Løth Nielsen

Sales Manager

Lise has many year's of experience in the sale of safety solutions and anti-slip protection - incl. measuring, cutting and installing solutions that reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents within all industry segments in Denmark.


Lise Løth Nielsen

Ed Visser

Sales Manager

Ed has many year's of experience of selling safety solutions to various industries. He is responsible for exports and the domestic market and his focus is on, among other things, customers within Oil and Gas and Renewables.


Ed Visser

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