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30 May 2023 | Real Safety

At Holstebro Mejeri, which is a merger of the old Holstebro Flødeost and Holstebro Smør, many different work platforms are used in connection with the dairy functions.

Bjarne Thyrrestrup, Production Manager, contacted Real Safety because the processing area had experienced a number of falling and slipping accidents on the platforms, because they got wet during the work. Smooth surfaces are a problem we often see in food production.
The platforms at the dairy plant are typically 2 steps up to the platform. They are often located in connection with machines and it is therefore important that employees can move safely and securely on these surfaces.

They wanted to establish a non-slip and visible coating that could be easily and simply mounted on the existing platforms - without interrupting production more than absolutely necessary. The choice fell on non-slip walkway covers from Real Safety. The non-slip product is easy and simple to install. The cover is made of fiberglass with embedded silicon carbide stone in the surface - and this provides a very slip proof surface!

‘‘We started by mounting the system on a couple of platforms as a test trial. However, the experiences were soon to prove so positive that we have now installed the system in similar places across the dairy plant. We have a clear expectation that with this safety feature we can reduce the number of slip and fall accidents at the production plant''. Bjarne Thyrrestrup, production manager.

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