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30 May 2023 | Real Safety

Rynkeby Foods A/S was founded in 1934, and is one of the market leaders in Denmark within fruit and vegetable-based foods.

In their production area there were areas that become extra smooth due to moisture and pulp. Furthermore, the steel stairs became very slippery and unsafe to walk on with wet footwear.

Rynkeby Foods made the decision to secure all locations.

Anti-slip Stair and step protection was delivered shortly afterwards. All was cut to size, labelled and packed for each individual location, so that Rynkeby Foods could carry out the assembly process at a pace that suited the individual production areas.

Area Manager, Kristian Rune Hansen explains:
"Real Safety reacted professionally to our inquiry and showed up after a few days for a joint review of the production areas. It was nice to have a second pair of eyes on our areas, to provide a professional risk assessment of our facilities' surfaces. During the review, Real Safety listened carefully to how our challenges affected our work processes and routines. Now we can focus on our work without having to worry about losing our footing due to slippery surfaces. An immediate improvement of the working environment and ergonomics.”

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