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PTS Powder Transfer System® challenges convention by using both vacuum and pressure to move powders as if they were liquids. This eliminates the need for gravity charging and therefore making multi floor processes a requirement of the past. PTS stands for a unique technology. It allows the transfer of a large range of powders with different characteristics.

PTS is a significant enhancement to any process, providing total containment where necessary, but always speeding up production whilst improving safety and hygiene. ​Batch times are substantially reduced and existing process steps are linked to each other.

PTS systems are used for various applications from charging reactors, to emptying centrifuges or packing powders under high containment.

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At Tekemas, we are specially suited to handle complex and specialized bulk powder handling tasks - whether it be short lead time, tight production space or difficult-to-handle products. This is where our project team's know-how and flexibility offers its full advantage. Our goal is for the customer to consider us more as part of their own project team, instead of just a supplier.

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