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Represented companies

  • ALPMA GmbH - cheese cutting and packaging and proces equipment
  • SERVI DORYL - cheese moulds
  • SALICATH ApS - Agency


our areas of interest lie within:
Cutting machines, Filling machines, Cheese production machines, Cheese frame and mold washing machines, Packing machines cheese, Cheese moulds, Cheese plant, Cheese frame inserter and remover, Cheese processing machines, Cheese cutting machines, Dairy accessories, Dairy installations,

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Jens Aage Christensen


I represent some of the world's leading manufacturers in their field, among others ALPMA, SERVI DORYL, LEEB FLEXIBLES. Our core competencies lie primarily within the dairy areas. I have more than 25 years of experience in dairy and food production.


Jens Aage Christensen

Helle Brandt


Helle Brandt

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