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Process Integration ApS

Feed additives and functional feed in the form of protein and other compounds is an increasingly important factor in finding new more sustainable ways to enhance performance, optimize feed conversion and improve health through animal nutrition.

Efficient manufacturing of alternative protein sources for animal feed has the potential to greatly increase the sustainability of the world’s food production by decreasing dependence on scarce raw materials and increasing cost control of feed production.

“Our job is to support and enable our partners to develop sustainable, innovative products and bring them to the market quickly and efficiently, through solutions that will provide the best long-term return per capital investment”

The industry is innovation-driven and developing rapidly. The production facilities must be extremely adaptable to accommodate the rate at which new products are being developed. At the same time, very strict hygienic, safety, and environmental standards must be met. Transparency and visibility of the production and traceability of the entire value chain are crucial to ensure credibility.

Starting with the specific challenges faced by your company, whether it is an optimization of a single machine, the complete processing line, or building a whole new factory, Process Integration works with you to identify the best solution for your production and make sure it will happen as planned.

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Process Integration ApS

Process Integration ApS are experts in developing, designing, and installing process plants since our establishment in 2015. Our team of employees has many years of experience delivering custom solutions to a wide range of industries.

We provide consulting, design, engineering, and project installation services, including project management and engineering, equipment supply, assembly supervision, installation with our own technicians, and commissioning at a high professional level.

We always approach our work with a holistic perspective, listening to each customer's challenges and wishes

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