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Jimco A/S

JIMCO A/S specialises in the removal of nuisance odors using patented UV-C & OZONE technology. Using this technology, any number of nuisance odors are eliminated and the risk of transferring infectiously diseases is reduced. OZ 1000 & OZ 2000 not only removes the odor from the air, but also the odor that may remain in carpets, curtains, walls etc. Poor indoor climate in rooms where people are present affects their quality of life and health negatively. It may be malodor from garbage, mould fungis, cigarettes, industrial processes etc. Bad smell may itself cause discomfort, but indoor air pollution is also the source of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, muscle tension, asthma, allergy, dry mucous membrane and eye irritation. All these problems affect peoples’ working ablility and concentration.

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This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Jimco A/S

JIMCO A/S is a 30-year-old company that produces machines for disinfection and air purification that work with UV-C light and ozone technology. The disinfection machine FLO-D is the most powerful available, 50 times more powerful than e.g. chlorine and FLO-D Data logs the event so you can be sure that disinfection took place and prove it. FLO-D can disinfect e.g. slicers, spiral freezers, milling machines and everything in the room from floor to ceiling, including electronics and LCD screens, without damage. The process is completely environmentally friendly, as no chemicals or water are used

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