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Efficient and Eco-Friendly Air Purification with MAC500

JIMCO MAC500 is an advanced air purification unit designed to improve air quality in both homes and workplaces.
Utilizing patented photolysis oxidation technology, the MAC500 combines UV-C light and ozone to break down and remove airborne contaminants.
This makes the unit highly effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold, and odors without the use of chemicals or filters.

Key Features:

High Efficiency: Reduces up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and mold.

Eco-Friendly: Uses no chemicals and produces no harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).

User-Friendly: Easy to install and maintain, requiring only a power outlet.

Versatile Use: Ideal for offices, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, and private homes.

Ceiling Integration: Available in a model designed for ceiling installation for seamless integration into your space.

Visit our booth at the exhibition to see how the MAC500 can improve air quality in your environment and contribute to a healthier and more pleasant indoor atmosphere. For more information, visit:

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Welcome to JIMCO A/S at FoodTech - We are proud to present our top-tier solutions that promote sustainability and environmental correctness within the food industry.

Visit our stand to experience the innovative JIMCO units, FLO-K/P and FLO-D, which ensure clean air and secure surfaces – fundamental elements in the modern food industry.

About JIMCO:
Since 1992, Jimco has specialized in advising and selling our patented UV-C technology worldwide. With distributors in over 44 countries, no task is too big or too sm

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