JEROS Model 8160-ACE for cleaning multihead weigher scales.

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With the system from JEROS, the washing time of complicated scales from the Multilhead Weigher can be reduced by up to 80%.
48 pcs. 1 Liter scales can be washed per cycle that takes between 3 - 6 min. depending on the degree of soiling. With a minimal water consumption of 16 litres, a uniform and 100% bacteria-free and disinfected hygienic result is always achieved.
As the system has a final rinse of 85°C hot water, the items dry up immediately and are thus ready to be put into production immediately after washing.
The corresponding stand ensures that the scales can be easily mounted and opened without the use of tools, so that cleaning can be done around all corners and at the same time the scales are fixed so that they are protected against breakage and impact.

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This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Smarter Solution - Smarter cleaning
JEROS automate the cleaning process of complex removable parts and equipment from process lines with their unique line of industrial utensil washers. Customized transport rack system, as additional option, gains a high control and systematic in the cleaning process and increase the level of food safety and hygiene, reduce cleaning time, increase production time and lower overall operational costs.
Ensure a high uniform standard and disinfection within only 3 – 6 min. automate wash cycles.

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