JEROS Barrel washer

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JEROS can now offer a special built-in module in model 8150, so it can wash 2 food barrels 220 L in one washing cycle that lasts 3 - 6 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling.

The additional module consists of 2 x 2 turbo nozzles respectively wash and rinse, so the barrels are washed both inside and outside in the same washing cycle.

It can also be other barrels and special containers from the food industry, as shown here, examples from the dairy process.

These can be easily connected/disconnected, so the machine can function as a traditional industrial dishwasher.

An ergonomic loading system can also be connected, so that the barrels are easily tilted into place, and there is also space for a holder for the lid.

Max capacity for 220 L barrel Height: 975 mm Diameter: 590 mm

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Smarter Solution - Smarter cleaning
JEROS automate the cleaning process of complex removable parts and equipment from process lines with their unique line of industrial utensil washers. Customized transport rack system, as additional option, gains a high control and systematic in the cleaning process and increase the level of food safety and hygiene, reduce cleaning time, increase production time and lower overall operational costs.
Ensure a high uniform standard and disinfection within only 3 – 6 min. automate wash cycles.

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