Case story: ”We save both energy, water, time and chemicals!”

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10 May 2023 | Novadan

Food safety

As an acknowledged producer of pâté, dressings and side
salads, food safety is high priority at Graasten Salater. Quality
and safety must never be compromised.

At the same time, Graasten Salater is targeting a sustainable
production for the benefit of the environment and the climate.

Sustainability - global goals

But how to ensure a sustainable optimization of the cleaning
processes in the production - including CIP-processes which
provides savings on energy, water, time and chemicals - without compromising on food safety?

Graasten Salater has in cooperation with Novadan
implemented Nova InSight, which is Novadan’s intelligent CIP
Data Analysis and Optimization tool for the different phases
of the CIP-process (cleaning, disinfection and rinsing).

Today, Nova InSight has become a useful tool for Graasten
Salater. The system ensures that savings on energy, water,
time and chemicals go hand in hand with food safety, og Nova
InSight contributes to meeting a sustainable development as
part of the UN’s 17 global goals.

As a matter of fact, it has become possible to document -
through data collection - that every single CIP-process has
been running optimally, and it is possible to take action in
case deviations are registrered.

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Novadan develops and manufactures cleaning product and disinfectant af high quality to the BtB market. We supply both Danish and international company in the pharma- and food industries, e.g. slaugherhouses, food processing companies, dairies and breweries.

Novadan has many years of experience and we are a solution oriented partner working closely together with our customers and delivering tailormade concept with food safety and optimization in focus.

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