Hyghspin twin-screw pump

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Alflow Scandinavia A/S

High-performance and hygienic twin-screw pump for sanitary tasks, which also ensures gentle handling of the product. Hyghspin is suitable for all types of media with virtually any consistency - regardless of whether the media is aqueous, highly viscous, lumpy, fibrous or gaseous.

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Alflow Scandinavia A/S

Since 1998, ALflow has been the exclusive distributor of flow components in both plastics and stainless steel for the pharmaceutical industry & the food industry, primarily in Denmark.
Our committed employees handle technical advice, sparring, sales, distribution and services from our domicile in Vejen.
Our employees all have extensive experience in their respective fields, which ensures you competent and safe guidance as well as the right equipment for the task.
We are a supplier of a wide range of recognized brands, and our extensive product range consists of high-quality pumps, valves, h

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