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Overbecks new Flex Wrapper for wrapping products in foil.

Continuous 1500 pcs./hour
Peak 2000 pcs./hour

Welding and cutting operation in one movement controlled by highly reliable and precise servomotors also addingto safety.

Food grade silicon gaskets for efficient welding and minimal wear.

Special coated lower welding rail for superb heat distrubution and wear resistance.

Infeed-and outfeed conveyor with modular rubber belts for easy maintenance.

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Overbeck is a high-tech forging company founded in 2004. The company develops and produces components as well as complete solutions in stainless steel to the food processing industry. We value all tasks, and we solve all of them professionally, putting the customer at the center at all times.

Every day we strive to give our customers a good experience, when they do business with us. We appreciate the direct and personal contact, and we know the importance of aligning expectations, mutual respect and commitment. We truly believe that these values ensure repetitive business relationships with

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