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If you want a steam boiler plant with the possibility of mobility, or if there is no space for a separate boiler room at the company, a Jumag Container Steam Plant is the solution, as it functions as a mobile boiler room:

The entire steam system is assembled in an individually built container in a free choice of color – all parts are pre-assembled in the container, which considerably simplifies the assembly work on site, while at the same time minimizing costs. The container is delivered insulated and with light, heat and ventilation. The system is “plug and play”, only electricity, water, gas/oil and discharge of the produced steam must be connected. This is a facility of very high construction quality, where the code words are flexibility and accessibility.

All Jumag steam boilers can be used in the construction of a container plant – i.e. both the DG series, The FLO and the EDI series.

Container plants can be delivered with one or more boilers in principle up to 2800kg steam/hour (2000kW)

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E-TEK Engineering

With close and good cooperation with Jumag, we have over 200 boilers running in the Nordics.

We specialize in steam and boiler systems and this constitutes the largest part of our tasks, but of course we also sell spare parts and service the supplied systems. Some tasks are entire energy systems, where, naturally, many other systems and equipment can be involved than boilers. It ranges from water treatment, filtration, mechanical and electrical installation and of course several forms of heat recovery.

We therefore resell heat exchangers, water treatment, pumps and fittings. Com

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