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23 September 2022 | TAWI Danmark A/S

Lifting in cleanrooms and sensitive environments
TAWI lifters are often used to handle film reels used in the packaging process. In sensitive environments like food manufacturing and chemical or pharmaceutical industries, stainless steel lifters help ensure ergonomic and efficient reel handling. Plastic film reels are picked from pallet or shelves and easily turned or rotated in position to be mounted on machine axis. With TAWI QuickLoad feature you can program the lifter to stop at exactly the right height.

The mobile stainless-steel lifters are also ideal for lifting and tilting drums or barrels. Our stainless-steel gripping tools grip drums from the side and allow you to lift the drum in position before tilting to empty its contents in a hopper or mixer. Drums or barrels can also be lifted and rotated or tilted to be placed in shelves or on pallet. A wide selection of stainless-steel tools enables safe handling of anything from boxes or crates to mechanical components. We also customize tools to meet specific customer requirements.

Washdown lifting trolley
For facilities with high demands on cleanliness, the CR80 model offers a mobile lifter which can be hose washed with high pressure. All other stainless-steel models have legs, wheels and handles in stainless steel, and battery and electronics covered by an FDA-approved plastic cover.

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