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10 October 2022 | Overbeck

The new Flex Wrapper from Overbeck has a lot of advantages compared to the previous version.

Fast and more efficient
Noise level reduced
Reduction in operation costs due to use of servo motor, also ensuring greater precision
Easy to maintain
User friendly 12" HMI panel
Reduced risk of foreign objects in the product

We have chosen to use servo operation rather than compressed air, which is a very expensive energy source. The use of servo motor also means that a lot of the maintenance heavy components have been removed. The same applies to sources of error like vulnerable sensors, valves etc.

The most important upgrad on the new Flex Wrapper is our choise of materials that eliminates the risk of foreign objects in the product using welding rails completely free of foam strips, teflon tape etc. These have been replaced by a ceramic coated solid copper rail, which is extremely durable. Our cutting boom is also made of solid aluminum with a silicone strip secured against falling off, as it is mounted in a t-shaped groove.

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