New conference focuses on the food industry's climate challenges and dilemmas

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27 June 2024

With the help of a wide range of experts, FoodTech's new event - the Global Dilemma Conference - will explore how the food industry can best ensure the green transition of the future.

Insightful presentations from Danish and international experts, inspiring debates and eye-opening keynotes are on the agenda at the Global Dilemma Conference, FoodTech's new event. The conference aims to help set the direction for the food industry's future work on sustainability - and is part of FoodTech, which takes place from 1-3 October 2024 at MCH Messecenter Herning, Denmark.

- Finally, there will be a conference to bring the food sector together on how to solve the big sustainability challenges. We need to understand the global challenges and dilemmas that the food sector must help solve, and we need to work together across the value chain to solve them - and we need to show each other the sustainable solutions, says Marie-Louise Boisen Lendal, director of Think Tank Frej.

She is the conference moderator and is looking forward to the task, which is a natural extension of her work at the Think Tank Frej, which works to "create an ever more sustainable Food Denmark".

- I'm very much looking forward to moderating the first Global Dilemma Conference for the food sector. It's important that we collaborate and work on how the food sector can solve the global challenges the world is facing. For food companies to grow, they need to understand the global challenges that the sector must help solve, says Marie-Louise Boisen Lendal.

Prominent speakers
One of the conference themes is 'Resource Optimization and Circular Economy', which addresses the food industry's challenges with resource consumption and waste. Recognising the need to reduce raw material and food waste, energy and water wastage, and inefficient packaging, this theme will explore how the industry is balancing production efficiency, resource savings and consumer needs to create a sustainable future.

Among the speakers at the conference, visitors can look forward to hearing from Sebastian Mernild, Professor of Climate Change, Head of the SDU Climate Cluster and one of the lead authors of the 2018 IPCC Climate Report. Other speakers include Claus Felby, Senior Vice President of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, former EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard and Jacob Vishof Paulsen, CEO of Novonesis Food & Beverage.

The panel discussions will explore how new technological processes can be used to solve industry challenges, such as how artificial intelligence can drive the green transition. Another debate will focus on how increased collaboration across value chains can deliver green benefits.

FoodTech challenges the status quo
FoodTech's management has high expectations for the Global Dilemma Conference, which has been created in close collaboration with conference organisers Insight Events.

- Part of FoodTech's DNA is to be the place where the industry challenges the status quo and together pushes the boundaries of what is possible in food technology. We want to be the place where new technological solutions are explored to create a more sustainable future, says Thue Jensen, Project Manager at FoodTech:

- With the Global Dilemma Conference, we focus on the food industry's climate challenges and the dilemmas they present and we create a meeting place where solutions that can support the green transition in the industry are presented, debated and explored.

The Global Dilemma Conference will take place as part of FoodTech, the unifying destination for the food technology of the future, at MCH Messecenter Herning, Denmark, from 1-3 October 2024. Read more at

With the climate as the overarching theme, the English-language Global Dilemma Conference is working with the following four highly topical tracks:

'Exploring the Political and Financial Framework'
'Balancing Energy and CO2 Reductions'
'Resource Optimization and Circular Economy'
'Navigating Behavioral Issues in Foodtech'.

FoodTech_Photo: MCH/Lars Møller

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