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There is an opportunity to see innovative and future-proof IT workstations for the food industry. Blue Line's specialty is IT for demanding environments, which certainly applies to the food industry - not least in relation to hygiene and cleaning requirements.

At FoodTech, you can get acquainted with unique solutions that can be adapted to your application, machines and environment. Modular systems that are easy to implement.

Discover how easy it is to use gloves on our HMI IT workstations with touch. Achieve both higher productivity and increased user satisfaction. Also learn how our products withstand salty environments, high pressure washing and effective chemical cleaning.

The key to creating the most value for our customers lies in the dialog and understanding of the challenges in food production. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience from numerous installations, both when talking about standard and customized solutions. We look forward to discussing this at the FoodTech Fair.

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Lars Jørgensen

Account Manager

Work as Account Manager at Blue Line A/S and is an expert in Industrial PC, Industrial Monitor, GPU Solution, Supermicro Servers & Storage and Custom Solution.


Lars Jørgensen

Kim Lindberg

Works as Key Account Manager at Blue Line A/S and is an expert in Industrial PC, Industrial Monitor, HMI Stainless Steel, Ex/ATEX System and Custom Solution.


Kim Lindberg

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