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07 September 2022 | Blue Line A/S

Are you looking for a tablet with optimum cleanability, compact dimensions, low weight and true mobility for cleanroom operation?
Then take a closer look at Blue Line’s groundbreaking GMP compliant tablet and see how it can benefit your requirements:

Blue Line’s Cleanroom Tablet CleanTablet opens up new opportunities in biotech and pharmaceutical environments:

-Perfectly suited for accessing data, standard operation procedures and quality assurance improving productivity
-Designed for unsurpassed flexibility and compliance according to cleanroom requirements with extreme resistance to all known cleaning agents and disinfectants
-Smooth surfaces without any openings or crevices where unwanted contaminants can accumulate
-Low weight and high cleanability enable lean manufacturing practices
-Unsurpassed ergonomics and high resolution touch screen compatible with up to 3 layers of nitrile and neoprene cleanroom gloves.

It can be a big challenge to find a tablet that can be used for biotech and pharmaceutical environments and at the same time meets all the regulatory requirements.

Blue Line’s Cleanroom Tablet is specially developed to meet all regulatory requirements and at the same time designed to comply with the EU GMP classification for cleanroom A-B-C-D.

Withstands all known cleaning agents and disinfectants
It may sound too good to be true. Blue Lines Cleanroom Tablet is very easy to clean and disinfect due to complete smooth surfaces without any openings or crevices where unwanted contaminants can accumulate. Suitable for repeated cleaning cycles withstanding all known cleaning agents and disinfectants such as:

-Iso-propyl alcohol
-Non-deionized water
-Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

Combine with or add external devices
Benefit from more hardware configurations makes it possible to configure to specific needs in functionality and environment. Blue Line’s Cleanroom Tablet is specially developed to be used in all the daily working procedures in biotech and pharmaceutical environments.

The Cleanroom Tablet can be configured with the IT needed for your production setup for instance:

Add a handheld barcode scanner to the Cleanroom Tablet via Bluetooth.
Modernise and optimise the workflow as well as safety and comfort. Combine the Cleanroom Tablet with an automated cell counter.

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