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InterSystem AB

L 9010


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Ängelholm, Sverige

Nørre Snede, Danmark

Oslo, Norge

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For more than 30 years, InterSystem has been a leading player in the palletizing of goods, with a particular focus on the food industry.

Our palletizers are compact, space-efficient and modular, which means they can be easily adapted to most new and existing factory layouts.

With more than 700 installed palletizers, Intersystem is a reliable partner when we talk End-Of-Line solutions.

In addition to palletizers, InterSystem also produces and supplies transport systems for light goods and pallet handling, which means that we can offer a complete delivery with a common control system.

We have several products on display at our booth, including conveyors for light goods, conveyors for pallet handling, and a palletizer.
Everything can of course be seen in-action

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Sten Lindstrøm Udengaard


Sten Lindstrøm Udengaard

Erik Johnsson


Erik Johnsson

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Håkan Persson

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