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Lystrup, Danmark

Spikkestad, Norge

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We are looking forward to welcoming you on Food Tech 2022, where we are proud to present the newest innovation from Elopak: Pure-Pak® eSense!

Pure-Pak® eSense is an aseptic carton for low and high acid products which is aluminium-free, made with sustainably sourced paperboard and polyolefin blend barrier that unlocks the opportunity of a fully renewable aseptic carton.

The Pure-Pak® eSense is an aluminium-free carton, and contains a polymer-based barrier which reduces carbon footprint and enables simplified recycling.

It simplifies the recycling process as the new polyolefin structure enables a one operation separation of the fibers and the polyolefin layers, and the polyolefin material does not contain value reducing elements. Furthermore, the carton is designed with easy folding crease lines, which help consumers to empty all the product inside before folding the carton for more convenient recycling while reducing food waste.

The unique polyolefin-based barrier structure also unlocks the potential of a fully renewable aseptic carton. The new barrier replaces the aluminium layer yet retains rigidity, so performance is not compromised. This results in up to 50% lower carbon footprint than a standard aseptic carton.*

*Based on internal, third-party reviewed cradle-to-gate calculations from the Dynamic Elopak Environmental Performance (DEEP) tool, version11, 2021

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