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MPTS can either be used to charge small amounts into process equipment or to take samples from a process. It facilitates complex procedures for sampling directly from equipment such as dryers, mixers, packing units etc. The sample is taken in a few seconds, thus providing an instant picture of the condition of the powder (degree of mixture, humidity, homogeneity) during the process. The sample is extracted and transported to its final destination while maintaining full containment, remaining homogeneous and representative as taken in dense flow without the use of any mechanical device that could result in attrition of powders. The MPTS system is easily dismountable and can be designed for CIP or for sterile use.

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At Tekemas, we are specially suited to handle complex and specialized bulk powder handling tasks - whether it be short lead time, tight production space or difficult-to-handle products. This is where our project team's know-how and flexibility offers its full advantage. Our goal is for the customer to consider us more as part of their own project team, instead of just a supplier.

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