Digital LCD Weighing Indicator 5024G

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Eilersen Electric A/S

Fully digital OIML certified weighing indicator type 5024G with alibi memory and software for standard weighing applications. Digital signal processor for displaying and processing the data from the Eilersen range of digital load cells. Durable capacitive touch keyboard

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Eilersen Electric A/S

Eilersen Electric A/S was among the very first to introduce hygienic load cells. Since 2017, Eilersen Electric A/S has delivered these to a number of satisfied customers internationally. Hygienic production already starts on the drawing board at companies such as Eilersen, which designs equipment for various process plants. Some load cells have been developed that are easy to clean. In addition to achieving better safety in production and thus quality, you save time and costs on cleaning, reduce energy consumption and thus protect the environment. Eilersen Electric A/S knows this and the custo

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