Contura® S-Series - Seal Testing for Food and Pharma Packages

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Inficon GmbH

The innovative Contura S400 and S600 leak detectors offer manufacturers of packaging machines, food and Pharma industry, in general, a unique solution for seal inspection in Capsules, MAP- and other types of packaging in accordance with DIN EN 1779 and in close resemblence to ASTM F2338-09. Unless other solutions it can detect gross leaks as well as fine leaks which are undetectable by the naked eye or by the water bath method (also known as "bubble test"). The unique technology of Contura S-Series can detect any leak (not only seal damage) without the need for tracer gas and at the same time without damage to the package.

Package Integrity DIN EN 1779
Operating this seal tester is also simple and accurate. The flexible test chamber consists of two highly elastic membranes. By creating a vacuum, these membranes tightly enclose the tested package. The leak detector analyzes the pressure increase in a few seconds. Contura S-Series Seal Tester can then detect even the smallest leaks rapidly and reliably.


This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Inficon GmbH

INFICON is a leading provider of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 software solutions that enhance productivity and quality of tools, processes, and complete factories. These analysis, measurement and control products are essential for gas leak detection in air conditioning/refrigeration and automotive manufacturing.

They are vital to equipment manufacturers and end-users in the complex fabrication of semiconductors and thin film coatings for optics, flat panel displays, solar cells and industrial vacuum coating applications.

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