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Dansk Procesventilation ApS

Cleaning, disinfection and drying in the same cleaning process.

3-in-1 cleaning solution with steam, vacuum and UVC filter - completely without the use of chemicals.

BlueEvolution consists of 3 different machines, which are supplied with special developed nozzles, effectively cleaning an incredible number of different surfaces and difficult areas, which in traditional cleaning would require chemicals and a lot of water, and where the areas are left wet, which makes restarting of production slowly.
BlueEvolution leaves a surface that is dry and ready for production and everything is ready in one cleaning process.

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Dansk Procesventilation ApS

On 1 August 2008 Kristian Kirkegaard started Dansk Procesventilation ApS. Kristian has extensive industry knowledge and solid experience with consulting, project planning, sales and project management of process ventilation solutions for e.g. the metal industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cogeneration plants and the automotive industry.

Dansk Procesventilation ApS are suppliers of clean air in the workplace and are the Danish distributor of the quality brands Dustcontrol and Plymovent (including formerly Euromate), all of which have been represented on the Danish market for more than 4 de

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