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05 October 2022 | Tekemas A/S

Choosing the right machine for your business is important not only for the quality of your product and process, but also for your budget. With the FS-IRD you get One machine which can handle multiple processes.

The continuous FS-IRD can be used for sterilization, pasteurization, roasting, coating, drying, and killing insects and larvae in a wide range of food ingredients including nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, teas, vegetables, and fruits. If you need to change your production process, meet new product requirements, or process new or different products, then the FS-IRD provides a high degree of flexibility.

Food in bulk, such as nuts, seeds, spices, tea, herbs, leaves, dried vegetables, grain, cereals, dried mushrooms, as well as sliced, chopped, and powdered food, can be treated with infrared light to significantly reduce the microbiological load. Insects, larvae, and eggs are destroyed during the sterilization and pasteurization processes. The products are continuously mixed. Each particle receives the same treatment in terms of duration and temperature. There are no dead zones.

The process protects the organoleptic properties, which means that color, taste, volatile oils, odor, and valuable substances and vitamins are all protected. At the same time, pathogens such as salmonella will be destroyed. TPC, yeast, mold, E. coli, and coliforms can all be reduced safely. It is a completely natural process with no use of gases, chemicals, or additives.

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