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Kópavogur, Iceland

Wrocław, Poland

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Bacteria can attack businesses through multiple channels and areas. For that reason, ALVAR has
developed Mist solutions to combat every possible source of infections, like bacteria (Listeria,
Salmonella, E. Coli etc.), viruses or fungi.
Traditional disinfection methods involve manual cleaning and disinfection of the food processing
areas, with the subsequent and substantial need for water and the use of large quantities of
chemicals during the process.
ALVAR’s solutions utilize a misting technology to efficiently protect every part of the food processing
operation, replacing the traditional disinfection methods, and automatizing and refining the process.
After a basic cleaning of the processing waste, ALVAR creates a dense disinfection mist that
envelops, infiltrates, penetrates and attacks harmful microbes. This allows food producers to save
90+% of water and 70+% chemicals, dramatically improving the sustainability of the food chain.
The mist, compatible with most disinfectant chemicals available on the market, is capable of
penetrating and attacking bacteria even in hard-to-reach areas, underneath surfaces and gaps
between machinery. Unlike traditional disinfection methods, the mist also disinfects the area above
the production area, avoiding contamination from bacteria floating in the air.

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