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Real Safety

Stairs are a high-risk area especially when it comes to slipping or falling. It is therefore extremely important to effectively secure this area. Real Safety Step Covers will slip proof the area and prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

FRP Step covers – key benefits:

- They are easy to mount both on steel, wooden and concrete steps
- Made of durable, high-quality glass fibre in Europe
- Available in a solid colour or in a combination of two colours
- Available with black with a yellow “nose”
- We can print text, pictograms or logos on the step as desired
- We can modify and cut as required
- 10 years warranty with no maintenance
- We have encapsulated sharp silicon carbide stones into the surface to provide the step covers with optimum friction

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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Real Safety

Real Safety are experts in non-metallic construction materials and anti-slip safety solutions.
Our Mission is to create “Best practice” standards within our field of expertise: Non-Metallic construction materials and anti-slip safety solutions. We aim to reduce the risks through unique customised solutions, using materials that minimise maintenance, enhance safety and promote sustainability.

Real Safety has developed both expertise and products to meet theoretical and practical safety liabilities, with the distinct purpose of minimizing falling accidents. This expertise is also beneficial

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