Scanvaegt ABWL System: Improved profitability on the Packaging Line

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19 October 2022 | Scanvaegt Systems A/S

The Scanvaegt ABWL system (automatic box weigh labelling), an automated solution that ensures increased packaging flow.
The system weighs and labels the boxes and checks at the same time that weight content as well as information on the label is correct, that the EC label is correctly placed and that the barcode is readable

The ABWL solutions can handle several different box types and sizes on the same line. Using the product ID Code, the system makes a pairing check of the box. This ensures consistency between the products in the box, the data on the label, the weight content and the traceability label. If there is a discrepancy, the carton is automatically rejected.

The ABWL concept is capable of automatically handling different box types and sizes on the same conveyor system. This reduces labour costs considerably.

The ABWL solution ensures that there is only one box per conveyor belt module. This allows the speed to be increased, enables efficient, smooth traffic on the packaging line and prevents production stops,

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