Espera Nova: Extremely precise weigh-price labelling

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19 October 2022 | Scanvaegt Systems A/S

Espera Nova is a new, extremely precise and fast weigh price labelling system with IPX5 protection classification.
It’s based on a brand new machine concept that optimizes the production process, increases quality control, and gives the operator user-friendly operation and quick overview.

Optimal label placement:
Espera Nova has a 3D camera, which ensures the most optimal placement of the label on difficult-to-handle products.
The camera scans and analyses the product’s geometry “on the fly”, saves the data in the package program and selects the predefined placement of the label regardless of whether the product has, e.g. varying height, is triangular or has varying widths.

Faster and more precise application:
A new applicator principle ensures precise label positioning and a very high labelling speed.
Espera Nova has three optional applicator types - Contact - Pendular - Blow-Pendular - Contact - Linear, which with various function principles automatically positions the label. This makes it possible to design the machine precisely to the specific product types and ensures both high speed and precise label placement.

Think4Industry Terminal:
The system’s innovative 21” Swipe Monitor gives the operator easy operation and a wide overview. The monitor has three screen displays, which you can easily switch between by swiping. On the start screen, a product change can be made at lightening speed, which saves a lot of time. The production screen provides a perfect visualisation of the labelling process with performance parameters. The status screen provides machine status, including any alarms. If there are defects, the specific component that is defective is displayed.

SmartHead – monitoring of thermal head:
SmartHead is a system for the automatic monitoring of the thermal head and print quality. This gives the operator a complete overview with status of the thermal head and its remaining print quality in real time.

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